Lancaster County Government

The Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC) requests your help in raising awareness about places2040, an update to the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan. We can’t succeed in reaching out to all county residents without you. To do that, we’re asking you to help us promote the places2040 website and a survey we’ve posted there.

Join the conversation!
Join the conversation

Lancaster County Government Center
150 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Lancaster County Commissioners
Scott Martin – Chairman
Ray D’Agostino – Vice-Chairman
Craig Lehman

Lancaster County Planning Commission
150 North Queen Street
Suite #320
Lancaster, PA 17603
Office: 717-299-8333
Fax: 717-295-3659

Lancaster County Recorder Of Deeds
150 N. Queen St.
P. O. Box 1478
Lancaster, PA 17608-1478
Office: 717.299.8238
Fax: 717.299.8393

Lancaster County Property Assessment
150 North Queen Street
Suite 310 3rd floor
Lancaster, PA 17603
Office: 717-299-8381

Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office
150 N Queen St, Suite 122
P.O. Box 1447
Lancaster, PA 17608-1447
Phone: 717-299-8222

Lancaster County Voter Registration
Election Board/Registration Commission
150 N. Queen St., Suite 117
Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: 717-299-8293

Magisterial District Justice
Stuart J. Mylin
25 State Street
Quarryville, PA 17566
Phone: 717-786-7368

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority
LCSWMA Resident’s Guide to disposing of Household hazardous water (HHW)
can be picked up at Municipal office.
visit on line for more information