Active Transportation Plan Survey

Quarryville Borough has received grants through PA WalkWorks and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA DCNR) to develop an Active Transportation Plan for the Borough. Active transportation is any form of human-powered transportation that promotes physical activity, including walking, running, bicycling, as well as access to public transportation and users of mobility devices.

The Plan is intended to:

  • Identify and prioritize improvements to pedestrian, bicycle, and public transportation facilities in the Borough
  • Address community health and economic development
  • Recommend actions, strategies, and potential funding sources to implement prioritized pedestrian, bicycle, and public transportation improvements

Please follow this link to complete the Active Transportation survey:

The survey is also available as a paper copy at the Municipal Building. Office hours are 7AM-4PM Monday-Friday.

Thank you in advance for your participation! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.