Active Transportation Plan Coming!

The Borough has been awarded grants to cover the cost of creating an Active Transportation Plan (ATP). What is an ATP? It is a plan to develop more active transportation. What is active transportation? It is non-motorized transportation- walking, cycling and also includes mass transit since most people access mass transit by bike or foot. The ATP will prioritize projects in the Borough that will benefit these active transportation users. The ATP is an integral part in the grant application process for projects as well. The ATP strives to connect various areas of the Borough so access can be by foot or bike versus an auto. Projects can include filling sidewalk gaps, creating pathways and creating trail connections. The ATP will be adopted by September, 2022. The grants were obtained from the WalkWorks Program ( PA Dept. of Health) and a Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Peer Grant. Thank you to both of these Departments!