Snow-Here’s the Scoop

The Borough has Ordinances (Laws) that govern the removal of snow and ice on sidewalks.  These Ordinances are available online on our website under the e-code tab.  Look for Chapter 350, Article 5, “Maintenance of Sidewalks; Removal of Snow and Ice”.   To sum up the Ordinance- Snow and Ice is to be removed within 24 hours after the snow has ceased to fall.  The cleared area of the sidewalk is to be a minimum of 3’ in width.  If the snow has ceased to fall between dusk and dawn, the 3’ pathway shall be cleared prior to 10:00 AM the following day.  A really important part of the Ordinance is that you may NOT deposit snow on or against a fire hydrant and you may NOT deposit snow onto the public roadway. If the snow/ice becomes compacted or cannot be removed without damage to the sidewalk, you may place sand, salt or another abrasive substance on the walk to make pedestrian travel reasonably safe and then as soon as weather permits, clear the 3’ pathway for safe travel.  The Quarryville Borough Police Department has the authority to enforce this Ordinance and fines start at $75.00.

Please remember to clear your walk of snow/ice so that postal workers and others who need to use the sidewalk can safely walk around the Borough.  Many residents walk more frequently during heavy snowfalls to get to the store, bank, etc. and rely on safe walks.

Our Borough Maintenance staff works hard to clear our Borough streets during and after snowfalls.  Please remember to give them clearance while they are doing their job.  Our goal is to safely and efficiently make the Borough streets safe for travel.  Please remember that it is nearly impossible to provide completely clear roadways while snow is falling and drivers should use extreme caution during these times.  Our crews apply melting products as snow begins to fall and then plow at the appropriate time. Please call the Borough office if you have questions.